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Sage Payroll Professional is a powerful multi-user and company payroll solution for larger companies. Sage 50 Payroll Professional is designed to meet the needs of companies requiring greater payroll processing capabilities.The powerful, yet flexible payroll software allows you to process large volumes of payroll data quickly and accurately.

Its simple features mean you can process your employees' payments even if you only have a basic understanding of the complexities of payroll legislation. You can manage all of your employees' pay, holiday entitlement and rewards, every step of the way. It also helps you calculate different rates for overtime, and enables your business to take advantage of tax benefits.

If your processing needs are more simple then Sage Payroll standard may suffice.

Sage 50 Payroll Auto Enrolment Edition

Sage Payroll Professional has been specially developed to aid organisations requiring greater payroll processing capabilities. In addition to the features within Sage Payroll, the latest version of Sage payroll Professional now includes even more features to support the processing of large volumes of payroll data quickly and accurately.

  • Password protect electronic payslips and documents for extra security
  • Import timesheets more easily
  • Improved calendar and events reminders
  • Select any group of employees and apply actions
  • Update Multi-company payrolls for all or a selected range of companies
  • Batch timesheet entry makes payment entry even quicker

What are the Benefits?

Paying your staff is important. Running a payroll can be repetitive, time consuming and prone to errors. Sage Payroll Professional offers powerful, flexible and easy to use facilities that will save you hours of work every payday.

Sage Payroll Professional contains many features to help speed up your payroll processing saving you both time and money notably the NET TO GROSS calculations and the calculation of the gross amount for a fixed bonus, along with faster payroll processing.

Giving you greater capability and control, these significant additions in Payroll Pro are top of customers' priorities as revealed by Sage research into the needs of larger, more complex businesses. Payroll Pro replaced the old Sage Payroll Bureau system in 2009.

Would you like a simple way to send letters or e-mails to selected employees on matters of pay, create spreadsheets to show, for example, an individual's absences or set yourself reminders of upcoming payroll tasks? These are simply some of the opportunities opened up by the new seamless integration of Sage Payroll Professional with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and Outlook.

Would it be a relief not to have to input data manually from software relating to employees' pay (such as time and attendance programs) which are incompatible with your payroll program? The new CSV function in Sage Payroll Professional allows you to transfer data in and out at the click of a mouse, saving you time and tedium.

What are the Features?

Seven year Data Storage - Would it be a relief to be able to supply payroll information going back as long as it may be needed for a tax audit? The new Archive feature allows you to store data for up to seven years.

Historical Payslips - When employees require payslips, for example, for six months to support a mortgage application, it's no problem to provide copies. This new feature enables you to provide copies of any historical payslips from the stored payroll data.

Added flexibility with Loans facility - Now it's easier to provide loans to employees, for example, to pay for a travel season ticket. This new feature enables you to manage a whole variety of short-term loans deductible from employee salary for any number of loans, for any period or repayment rate and allows for extra contributions from the employee.

Saving time with Net-to-Gross calculations - Would you like a fast way to find out how much gross pay is required to pay a net wage, such as 250 a week? Sage Payroll now calculates the gross amount automatically, allowing for tax and National Insurance contributions. Say goodbye to the time and trouble of manual gross calculations.

Faster calculation of gross amounts for fixed bonuses - Would it be an advantage to find out quickly the amount required to pay a set bonus of, say, 1000 for meeting a sales target? Now it's easy. Sage Payroll Professional instantly works out the gross pay needed to give an employee a fixed after-tax bonus.

Extra time at Payroll Year End - You can begin processing for the next tax year before you have completed your online submissions to HMRC.

Sage wages processing - Processes weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments. Also calculates and records contributions for different pension schemes, including stakeholder pensions. Gross and net pay, tax and National Insurance calculated instantly, additionally payslips are printed quickly and easily.

Salary Payments - Handles weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly payments, or a mixture; prints cheques, calculates coin and cash requirements, handles BACS payments and works with a E-Banking option, for easy transfer of payment information to the major UK banks.

SSP / SMP/ SPP / SAP and holiday pay - Calculates and records Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay; also holiday pay including allowing/disallowing holidays brought forward from the previous year.

Flexible payment methods - Supports electronic payments and e-banking as well as paying employees by BACS, cheques and cash.

Statutory forms - Automatically produces statutory year-end forms: P14/P60, P11 Deductions Working Card, P32, P35, P45 and P46 (Car).

Employee Records - Quick access to current and historical personnel details, there is also a holiday and absence diary that records employee attendance graphically and provides full reports.

Attachment of earnings - Calculates deductions at source of earnings in accordance with current government legislation and relevant tables.

Multi-user option available - Enables two or more of your staff to process payroll using the same software simultaneously. For example, one user could work on weekly payroll while another user works on monthly payroll.

Network data hosting option available - Stores payroll data on a dedicated server or other network location so individual PCs aren't clogged up with data storage and data is easily accessible to multiple users. It also manages the statutory requirements for unlimited employees and multiple companies easily and quickly.

Sage wages batch time sheet entry - Updates multiple time sheets in a single batch; particularly useful if a whole department works similar hours/overtime.

Salary review forecast - Forecasts the effects of possible wage increases. Reports can be created for the whole company or individual departments or cost centres.

Security access levels - Includes 9 different access levels so you can control who sees sensitive information.

Stakeholder Pensions - Providing payment details to more than one pension provider is simple and quick with Sage Payroll

Student Loan Deductions - Makes simple work of this complex area.

Global Changes - Update multiple employee records quickly and easily.

E-mail facility and web links - Links directly to the e-mail addresses of contacts such as your pension provider, bank, employee, and Sage Support. Also direct access to useful web addresses.

Accounts links - Automatically transfers your wages bill into Sage accounting software, saving you time and reducing errors.

Export data into other products - Export data easily into other products such as Microsoft Excel, Word or Access for further analysis or presentation.

Powerful report writer - Produces standard reports for analysing each period, plus custom reports to your own design.

Helpful wizards - Designed to give you step-by-step guidance through complicated tasks.

Integration- Current version 2014

Integrates with Sage Line 50 and Sage 50 Accounts Sage Line 100 v5.4 and above
Sage Job Costing and Job Costing Professional, Sage 50 HR 2009 v6.0 and above
Sage P11D v6 and above and Sage Instant Accounts


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