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What are the benefits of using Sage 50 Payroll?

Save time at Payroll Year End, record Holiday in Hours to support the European Working Time Directive, track changes with new audit trail and much more.

Ease of use - Deals easily with complex tasks and includes many features to make your life easier, such as the Holiday and Absence diary, the Attachment of earnings feature, Student Loans and the Scottish Variable Rate. Removes the need to understand complex legislation.

Extensive employee records - Instant access to all employee details including tax codes, rate of pay and year-to-date figures. Employee names, addresses, tax codes and pay rates can be called up instantly.

Processing payroll - Process weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments as well as calculating and maintaining records for pension contributions. Payment types include cash, cheques, credit transfer and BACS.

PAYE and NI rates - Stores all relevant bands and rates. Easily adapted to changes in government legislation.

Powerful report writer - Produces standard reports for analysing each period, plus custom reports to your own design.

Updating of records - Automatically updates employee records at period ends, with year-to-date figures adjusted accordingly

Payslip printing - Prints payslips and cheques each with user-definable report layouts.

Statutory forms - Produces all statutory forms, P11, P35, P14 and P60, automatically after final payroll run and update.

SSP / SMP and holiday pay - Provides all calculations and recording of SSP, SMP and holiday pay entitlement

Class 1A NIC - Records all relevant car benefit details, plus mileage value and engine capacity bands

Holiday and absence diary - Records employee attendance graphically and provides full reports

Attachment of earnings - Compliance with court orders for deductions at source of earnings

Accounts links - Automatically transfers your wages bill into Sage accounting software, saving you time and reducing errors.

Helpful wizards - Designed to give you step-by-step guidance through complicated tasks.

Powerful help system - Provides you with easy access to the information you require; convenient information buttons provide instant help on complex routines. The information library contains fact sheets and professional payroll advice.

Export data into other products - Export data easily into other products such as Microsoft Excel, Word or Access for further analysis or presentation.

Internet ready - Links directly to the Internet allowing e-mail and access to other business services.

E-banking enabled - Allowing you to transfer payment details to your bank’s electronic banking services.

Quick keys option - For faster inputting of employee data.

Stakeholder Pensions - Providing payment details to more than one pension provider is simple and quick with Sage Payroll.

Inland Revenue Accreditation - Sage Payroll has undergone the Inland Revenue Payroll Standard Accreditation process which means Sage Payroll calculations meet the latest legislation requirements for accurate calculations of tax, National Insurance, and all statutory payments.

Extra Time at Payroll Year End - Sage Payroll provides plenty of time for you to complete your Payroll Year End returns by allowing you to install your new tax year update and continue to process your new tax year payroll – without having to complete your Payroll Year End first. It is especially beneficial if you pay your employees on a weekly basis.

Historical Reports - There is no need to install previous tax year data in order to access copies of additional reports, such as Payroll Year End reports, should you need to prepare for an audit or provide information to your employees. You can now store and print copies of more statutory reports for up to seven years, including P14/60, P32, P11, P35 and P45.

Internet ready - Links directly to the Internet allowing e-mail and access to other business services.

Integration - Current version 2014

Integrates with Sage Line 50 and Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Line 100 v5.4 and above
Sage Job Costing and Job Costing Professional, Sage 50 HR 2009 v6.0 and above, Sage P11D v6 and above and Sage Instant Accounts

Sage Payroll saves you valuable time, simplifies the payroll process and ensures accuracy. It is extremely flexible, allowing you to transfer payroll details with one simple posting into Sage 50 or Sage 200. As all employee data can be instantly recalled on screen or reproduced in simple, easy-to-follow reports, management information can be obtained quickly and easily. Processing the payroll can be one of the most time-consuming tasks for any company but Sage Payroll puts you firmly in control.

Give your people the information they need - By law, everyone must be provided with a Written Statement of Employment Particulars. Take the hassle out of recording the right information with Sage 50 Payroll. When you add a new person their statement is created automatically and prompts will remind you to update contracts when necessary. You can print or email your contracts, scan and store them within your software, giving you a complete history.

Pay everyone at the right rate - No matter how you pay your employees, whether you use commission, bonus, piecework or a simple hourly rate, Sage 50 Payroll can help make sure you meet your legal obligations to pay the appropriate minimum wage, by taking care of all the calculations.

Electronic payslips - Provide a greener and speedier alternative to traditional printed forms by using electronic payslips. By using or adapting the ready-made email payslip templates all you'll need to do is tick a box and Sage 50 Payroll will automatically generate and email them out.

Making the most of online banking - With Sage 50 Payroll, we've included all the tools you need to use e-banking services as standard. So even if your bank charges you an additional fee for its online services, we don't.

Easier to manage your payroll - When it comes to importing information into your payroll software, Sage 50 Payroll helps you keep control of every detail.

The Benefits in a Nutshell

You'll no longer have to enter different rates of pay for things like overtime, bonuses and commissions on separate lines. Ideal if you process payroll remotely or receive timesheets from a number of different departments. Enter payments and deductions on the same screen, so things like social club membership subscriptions are easy to identify and account for:

  • Factored Pay Elements that allow you to calculate payment rates based on a formula.
  • Holiday Entitlement - allows you to calculate holiday entitlement based upon start date, hours worked and also length of service.
  • Line 50 Accounts Integration - Improved Integration makes it easier and quicker to update your accounts direct from Sage Payroll.
  • Enhanced Nominal Link - to automatically populate the Sage Line 50 nominal codes, look up accounts or create them on the fly as well as analyse funds.
  • Bank Payments can be posted directly into Line 50 as well as sending the posting reports straight to Excel.
  • Final Pay when an employee leaves made easier.
  • Flexible, easy to use and understand
  • Comprehensive employee records
  • Instant calculations for total pay, tax and National Insurance
  • Automatic SSP, SMP and pension calculations
  • Employee payment weekly, bi-weekly, four weekly or monthly; any combination of cheque, cash or BACS
  • In-depth holiday and sickness diaries
  • Attachment of earnings option
  • Easy tax year-end processing; automatic processing of all statutory forms
  • Fully compliant with the latest government legislation
  • Dashboard - provides and instant view of key payroll information
  • Process Maps - shows all the steps that make up the payroll procedures
  • File Import - to help with the migration of data from other applications like Excel
  • National Insurance Number Tracing
  • Historical Reporting by Financial Year
  • Sage Line 50 Integration
  • Holiday in Hours - an accurate way to manage flexible working
  • Audit Trail - a clear way to track who made which changes and when
  • Historical Reports
  • No extra cost for E-banking
  • Customised PDF report output - a more professional look for your reports
  • Affordable, flexible payroll options

    Sage Payroll has been checked as meeting the requirement of the published IR Payroll Standard valid from December 2000. It incorporates electronic filing capability by internet.

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