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Sage 50 Forecasting

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Create comprehensive financial forecasts that will help you plan for the future of your business.

Accurate forecasts are key to business growth and success, and with Sage 50 Forecasting we've made the forecasting process simple, allowing you to make business decisions with confidence. You can create forecasts direct from Sage 50 Accounts data, enter your own data or even import from Microsoft Excel, saving you time, effort and increasing your accuracy compared to developing your own spreadsheet forecasts. Create accurate reports with figures you can trust. No more setting up your own complex and inaccurate spreadsheets, simply use our pre-installed formulae. Save hours creating professional reports. Because data can be taken directly from your Sage 50 Accounts or Microsoft Excel, you'll save yourself hours of data re-entry. You'll also enjoy the flexibility of entering your own data if you choose.

Make the most of exciting new business opportunities

By experimenting with business scenarios you'll be given a risk-free view of the potential impact on your business, which will allow you to make the most of any new business opportunities that come along.

Predict and monitor your cash flow

By forecasting your cash flow, you can quickly and easily predict your future financial status. This then allows you to capitalise on the situation or take preventative action well in advance.

See the impact of potential business decisions

You can experiment with different ˜What if? scenarios, without affecting your base data. So you can see how things like price rises, new ventures and expansion will impact on your business.

Choose Sage 50 Forecasting if:

  1. You want to confidently manage your cash flow and financial performance

  2. You want to capitalise on opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls

  3. You want to explore 'What If?' scenarios and business ideas

  4. You want to create forecasts direct from Sage 50 Accounts data

  5. You want professional and accurate forecasts without the need to develop your own spreadsheet.


Create forecasts direct from data held in your Sage software. You can link to data within Sage 50 Accounts, Sage Instant Accounts, Sage MMS, Sage Line 100, Sage Payroll or any Microsoft Excel spread sheet

Track progress and identify gaps and opportunities.
It's easy to update your forecasts with current data direct from your Sage 50 Accounts. This means you can easily re-forecast based on actual results while still. leaving your original budgets intact.

Explore 'What If?' scenarios. See the impact of potential business decisions by changing your base data.
Create comprehensive and accurate forecasts. The extremely flexible forecasts allow you to create and report on unlimited cost and sales sections.

Fit your forecasts to your business. You can tailor your forecasts around as many departments and sub-departments as you need.

Persuade managers and investors of your future potential.
The software enables you to make confident business decisions and provides you with professionally presented reports and graphs to convince bank managers and investors that yours is a business they can have confidence in.

Choice of reports and graphs. You can access everything from Cash Flow, Funds Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports and graphs.

Monitor your cash flow. You'll be able to see potential dips in cash flow before they happen and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Forecasting software that's easy to learn. The structure for forecasts is similar to your accounts P&L and Balance Sheet, so navigation is easy.

Make automatic calculations. Thanks to the built-in formulae for VAT, PAYE, NI, Corporation Tax and bank interest, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle when it comes to making calculations.

Enjoy flexible accounting periods. You can create forecasts to suit your business' accounting periods, and even forecast for up to 50 years.

Please browse our range of products and services and contact us on 0207 193 9840 or by email to discuss your requirements further or arrange a free consultation and software demonstration. Alternatively, complete a contact form and let us contact you at a convenient time.


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