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Software that fits the way you work

Set up Sage 50 Accounts to suit your needs or those of different roles within your business
Configure the navigation and task tool bar to fit the way you work and increase your productivity
Real-time access to your information anywhere
By linking your Sage 50 Accounts data to the cloud, you can easily share it with other users. For example, a colleague working from home or anywhere outside the office can access the updated information and work on the same data as someone using the desktop version.
Software that grows with your business
Grow your business with software you know now supports up to 20 concurrent users**.
Simple control of access rights
Decide who can see what, with simple to set up access rights
Control data access for up to 20 users**
Your data is only available to the people you allow to see it
Maintain control of data access at all times
Data secure and backed up
Ensure your backup data is always up to date by scheduling regular automatic backups
Your data will be quick and easy to restore in the unlikely event of a problem
No need to stop processing when you're taking a backup
Share data with your accountant in real-time no more waiting for files to be transferred*
New Sage 50 Accounts mobile apps help business managers and sales teams understand performance on the go*
Automatic backups protect your data and make it easy to restore
New look and feel makes it easier to find tasks with one-click navigation
Tested to deal with up to 1.5 million transactions
Scalable up to 20 concurrent users **
Twice as quick to navigate
New look and feel designed to make it simpler to use, so you can complete day-to-day tasks in half the time.
One click access to any ledger
One way to access key tasks
Easier to move your data using Windows shortcuts
Work more efficiently - tailor your screen so you see the information and tasks you want and hide those you don't.

New Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Apps

Keep in touch with your business and make informed decisions wherever you are, even when there's no internet connection.
Sage Drive Business Manager
Sage 50 Accounts Tracker**
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales***
For smartphones
Perfect for anyone who needs meaningful
business insight on the go, Sage 50 Accounts Tracker tells you how your business is
performing from your smartphone.
By cutting out the need to wait for reports or checking back with the office to get up-to-the-minute information, it helps you make quick, confident decisions about your business, by
putting the supporting information in your hands.
Data at your fingertips
Immediately see top level sales, purchases, bank balances and profitability. More detailed understanding of invoices, bank details, reconciled position and Profit and Loss balances is only a screen tap away.
Contacts and directions on demand
Find customer and supplier contact details, together with a handy map view. Call, email or text without having to switch apps.
Keep your eye on cash flow
See customer and supplier invoice lists, filter by due days, overdue days and value to help you target where you need to chase or make payments.
Understand your profits
Check Profit and Loss balances for the month and year end to date.
For tablets
Ideal for people who need to manage their sales pipeline on the move, Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales helps you manage your customer
relationships, and make the best use of your time to initiate and close sales.
Products and prices at your fingertips
Immediately see accurate product and price details without having to refer to reports, printed sheets or call back to the office.
Quick quotes, orders and invoices
Instantly create accurate quotes, orders and invoices to secure sales and keep your pipeline moving.
Speed up sales With detailed customer information in your hands, you can initiate and close sales wherever you are. Giving you and your customers confidence in your business and driving sales forward.
All in one contacts
Find customers contact details, including notes, reminders and details of their purchase history and payment reliability.
Get maps and directions without leaving the app.
Everythings in one place.
Insight on demand
Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Apps work online and offline to give you business information wherever you are at any time.
Connect even without coverage
Get up-to-the-minute customer and product information even when Sage 50 Accounts isn't running and you have no mobile network coverage.
Protected and secure
Ensure your data is safe and protected with encryption and secure sign in.
No expertise necessary
Quick and simple to set up and use. You don't even have to know how to use Sage 50 Accounts to get the business data you need. Its an app after all.
Get more done in less time
Because you can help yourself to the information you need quickly and easily without relying on others
to compile reports, you can work more efficiently. And that could mean more time for the important things, like weekends.
Sage 50 Accounts Tracker and Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales are supported by
iOS v7 and onwards
Android v4

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