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Sage ACT! 2014

Sage ACT! 2014 makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organised view of the people you do business with...

Like the millions of individuals in small businesses and sales teams who use Sage ACT!, you'll always be prepared with recent emails, meeting notes, task reminders, and social media profiles, because all of these details are live in one place.


Sage Business Information Services for ACT! - COMPLETE ACCESS

Improved Outlook Integration - INTEGRATED ACCESS


Getting Started - SIMPLER ACCESS

Enhanced File Security - RESTRICTED ACCESS

Find out how our customers have benefited from using Sage ACT!

Video case studies:(link opens in a new window)

What do you use Sage ACT! for within your business?

What value has Sage ACT! brought to you handling customers?

How has Sage ACT! helped you bring in more revenue?

Downloadable case studies:

ACT! helps Your Space PLC capitalise on its contacts

Download the full Your Space PLC case study (pdf)

Sage ACT! Professional helps KDM Events deliver service satisfaction

Download the full KDM Events case study (pdf)

Northumberland Cheese Company integrates Accounts and Contact Management functions with Sage

Download the full Northumberland Cheese Company case study (pdf)

Learn more about the New Features in Sage ACT! 2014


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